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The siren was making very strange noises,they needed me to fix it...It was very strange call,my boss didnt sound like himself...You know i was sick that day,but when i heard my friend Henry that i havent seen since college was there i got up and started the car.And then...And then I regreted ever answering the phone...








-Music by this genius right here, please check him out, he really deserves all praises: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCteR5bUAR3_r2WOsKL6fF-w/videos

Voice actors:




Siren Head by Trevor Henderson

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Tags3D, Creepy, Dark, Exploration, First-Person, Horror, Mystery, Retro, Siren Head, Story Rich


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i like the demo ! now i wait for full game

good. do you have any plans to continue? i'm waiting for the siren head game.


love your game :):):):):):):):)

Siren Head Origins Demo

I played the game, here is the video


We very much enjoyed your game. Interested to see where it goes next, as the red-eyed creature certainly spooked us! 


hey! before I get this game to play I just wanna be sure that you got Sirenhead's artist permission for this game! I try to only play games that got permission otherwise its stealing :(


Trevor has said it's okay for fan games to be made as long as they aren't being sold without his permission. I think this game dev should list that Siren Head was created by Trevor Henderson though, kind of disappointing that he isn't listed as the creator of Siren Head somewhere on this page.


And fixed! Sorry i totaly forgot, thank you for mentioning it!

Thanks! Definitely playing the game and spreading the word now.

Any plans for full version yet?

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Do you guys have Instagram or Twitter? Very awesome game!!! I made you a lil video: 

We have twitter,but we dont really use it much.If you wanna it would be cool if you can join our discord server heres the invite:




Hey, nice demo! The atmosphere was nice and I really dig the retro graphics. Pretty interested in seeing the final product, keep up the good work!

Btw, I'm a YouTuber from Brazil (beginner, I might say hahaha), but if, by any means, u want to check out my channel, there it is:

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This was an amazing demo that has me extremely intrigued in seeing what the final product will look like. Keep up the awesome work


Hmm its possible that your pc cannot run it,if you want to you can try low spec version from gamejolt:https://gamejolt.com/games/SirenHeadOrigins/523222

No work:

Then your pc cant run it ;(

well no problem but I'll put my pc


I uploaded this the other day and I had fun playing it!  10/10 on my scale. uwu 


Pour les Francophones !

I wish if this was a complete game, im curious about what's going to happen next!!

Loved the style and atmosphere! Would love to see more expanded on this! 


Amazing Game!


Awesome demo! Siren head is Lil Beef's favorite.

pretty scary


This was a lot of fun! I got sad when it ended, definitely wanted to see more! But for what this demo is, it's very fun to play and got a few laughs out of me! 

The cute guy is looking at me

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This is a VERY good demo and I cannot wait to see the full game. Story, graphics, atmosphere, I like it all. I will definitely be watching for updates on this one. 

this game is good and the jump scarys was ok

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Contains spoilers:
This was a very very good demo! 
- The voice acting in the beginning were meh but I loved the tapes and especially the last one, cause that's where I started to get chills. Wonderful how the tape just stopped.
- I liked the simple tasks and also the fact that you had to look behind you to see if that siren is still there also was making me really uncomfortable (in a good way).
- So when you headed to generator, you had to go back to get that one canister you saw in that house. I expected something to happen but nothing happened and I was even more scared on the way back again. 
And when you finally filled up the generator, there was someone peeking into that room, looking at you. I literally screamed. I don't even know why?? It's just a simple jumpscare, why did it scare me so much? I usually don't scream when I get jumpscared but this one really got me to scream, very very well placed jumpscare and so simple aswell. I think I liked it because it was peeking, and not just standing there.
- The Sirenhead at the end was kinda meh and you could've turned that into a jumpscare aswell :D 
- The environment was pretty cool!
- Sounds were alright aswell :D Not much to say about them

Game was good!
For a demo this is a:

9/10 = 5 stars

Well, found out there is certain someone trying to feed the monster. Maybe to grow bigger? I guess Siren head was trying to have a BBQ at the end. Surprisingly he didn't finish his meal! What a food waster XD

Pretty interesting, I look forward to playing the finished game. I got caught off gaurd with a jumpscare so this game is a win in my book. I did a gameplay of this game that I will link below if you are interested in watching. Thanks!

Not bad at all. Voice acting was a little off in the intro and I'm still not sure why a plumber would go fix a siren... Anyway everything else looks pretty good!

Lots of Siren Head games out there; not all of them are good. I tried this one on a whim, and I’m glad I did. This demo shows off a style of its own that separates itself from the crowd. The atmosphere and presentation are easily my favorite parts of the demo, but there’s a lot to like here. I’m looking forward to the full release. 


Thank you! We did our best to make new style and fresh new and detailed story with more than just sirenhead! Glad to see that people like it!

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I loved playing this game. The game is really intense.

Here is my video :)

Thank you!

Очень хорошая игра! Рекомендую абсолютно! Атмосфера, звуки, сюжет! 


Great demo! I'm looking forward to seeing the full game, especially with learning more about the individual running around in the forest. Great job, dev. Keep up the good work!


Thank you! Glad to see that people like more than just sirenhead running around the forest!

One of the best sirenhead games , really excited for the full version :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

One of the best!?WOW thank you!That means soo much to us :).And your gameplay is awesome!

Thank you :D

Not bad so far. I'll definitely check out the full version when it's ready. I love the pixelated look.

Very interesting. What are those creatures? lol